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  • Learning From Educators & Their Unions

    From May 8 – 12, 2023, my social media feeds served as testaments to the positive and profound impact teachers have on their community and society. I scrolled through post after post of […]

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  • Rail cars and empty tracks.

    Back to Basics: An Issue-Based Strategy

    Last month’s midterms showed decisively that progressive issues motivate voters to the polls. Trump-backed candidates lost in many cases when progressive agenda issues like abortion access and voting rights were present as ballot […]

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  • Students at a rally with someone holding a sign with the Earth on it that says "There is no planet B"

    Mass Unionization: The Key To Surviving Climate Change

    It’s time to center environmental justice in every fight. Labor unions, environmental justice stalwarts, progressive philanthropists, and strategic policy centers must commit to anchoring economic justice vis-à-vis unionism & environmental justice at the […]

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  • Rows of solar panels surrounding a building on a clear sunny day.

    Everything’s About To Change

    We’ve written in past blogs about the pivotal nature of the moment facing labor unions and progressive organizations. This blog is a little different. This is the start of a story. One that […]

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  • Zoltan Csaplar and Hilda Solis standing in front of a truck being loaded.

    Scale & Pace in Organizing

    The story began on Tuesday, November 7th, 2000. I was a college student, newly awakened to the importance of politics, hunched forward on my sofa as the results of the presidential election rolled […]

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  • A large deep blue wave curling and crashing.

    America’s Organizing Renaissance

    We are at the beginning of an organizing groundswell like we haven’t seen in decades. Working people are showing their courage, taking fights straight to America’s most ubiquitous corporations— and they’re winning. Success […]

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  • A person at a rally with a mask on holding a sign that says "over worked under valued exploited."

    Machine Learning and Progressive Organizing — NOW Is The Time

    The quality of life for working people in America has been in sharp decline for years, and now the situation is untenable. The vast majority of people are caught in a chokehold between […]

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