How We Help

We know there is no one-size-fits-all approach to engagement or moving people to action.

That’s why we focus on delivering three innovative services that help our clients apply data analytics, technology, and organizing expertise to build grassroots power.

Messaging Impact Analysis

Understand the effectiveness of your outreach program.

TCW Strategies’ Messaging Impact Analysis service empowers our clients to understand the efficacy of their outreach campaigns and improve upon them over time. We work collaboratively to define goals, identify key metrics, and evaluate which outreach methods work. We help our clients answer critical questions such as: Who is being reached, and what worked to move them? More importantly, who is not being reached?

Together, we work to find the most impactful outreach methods to hit organizational goals.

People lined up on a sidewalk behind a tape holding various signs and one rainbow flag.
A crowd of people in the street at a march, holding up signs.

Solidarity Score™

Knowing an audience’s propensity to take a desired action is a major advantage for any progressive, action-driven organization.

Our Solidarity Score™ service is a cutting-edge method of prioritizing and organizing campaign work. Using the latest innovations in machine learning and data management, TCW Strategies creates custom propensity models to forecast the behaviors of target audiences (like saying “yes” when asked to join an organization or take action).

End-to-end Data Architecture

Providing critical, timely, and actionable insights

Our mission at TCW Strategies is to provide you with critical, timely, and actionable insights from your data via our Solidarity Score™ and Messaging Impact Analysis services. Our first priority is to establish one “source of truth” – a custom-built centralized data warehouse for each client. From there, we reliably collect, store, clean, transform, and analyze client data–making the most of every campaign.

Five fists coming together above papers on a table.
A person standing over papers on a table talking intently to someone across the table with two others standing behind him.

Client Success

Many tech companies provide data analysis services. We give you more than that.

With TCW Strategies, you get cutting-edge data solutions and a team of experienced specialists to help you implement programs that make the most of your investment. From day one, your organization’s point person will collaborate with a team of TCW Strategies experts led by a dedicated Client Success professional.

Your Client Success team will work with you to overcome initial hurdles, refine your data-informed organizing operation over time, and maximize your outreach investment.